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Please find some commonly asked questions.  If you have any other questions please ask .....


Q: Do I need a minimum number of people to book?

A: If you have under the minimum, you can still book.  The unfilled spots would be billed at a minimum number of services required.

WEDDING SEASON - May to October 

Saturday & Sunday - 6 hair and 6 makeup 

Weekday- 5 hair and 5 makeup

Weekdays July and August  - 6 hair and 6 makeup 

One team member 5 or 6 services total *


OFF SEASON - November to April

Weekdays, Saturdays & Sundays - 5 hair and 5 makeup 

One team member 5 services total *

Q: Why do you have minimums?

A: With the personal service we provide of coming to the bride's location on her special day we only book one wedding a day per team member. This ensures our Brides have our undivided attention and flexibility if the timing or service numbers need to be adjusted.  Minimums could be adjusted depending on service location. 

Q: Travel Fee?

A: There are No Travel Fees 20km from the  Burlington, Hamilton area.  *A travel fee may apply depending on location and team availability which would be noted on your Contact upon booking for your review. We service the below areas.; 

Burlington, Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas,  Stoney Creek, Waterdown, Flamborough, Carlisle,  Binbrook, Grimsby, Hannon, Killbride, Puslinch, Campbellville, Jordan, Beamsville, St Catherines, Vineland, Lincoln* 

Q: What types of payment do you accept  ?

A: We accept Interact e-transfer and cash.

Q: Have I received all terms timing and payment etc. in writing? 

A: For sure you do ... Once your application is reviewed your Contract will be sent out with payment and timing details. This is sent within 5 business days Monday to Thursday. We may contact you in the meantime if we require any additional information.

Q: How far in advance can I book?

A:  We accept bookings up to 2 years in advance. 

Q: How to Book?
  • To reserve your wedding date please fill out the attached Application Form* Please fill out all details to date.  If you are not sure please put TBA. *You can make final updates 2 months before the wedding date.  

  • Once the Application Form is complete…..Please send it back via e-mail as a TYPED WORD OR GOOGLE DRIVE attachment. * PDFs or JPEGS are not accepted.  

  • Once the Application is received, reviewed and accepted. The Booking Contract and Payment Breakdown will be sent to you via email within 3 business days for your review.

  • The Deposit Due is 2 days after the Contract is sent. The Booking Fee is $50 and the bride's Deposit = Cost of the Bride’s service only on the day of the wedding is due. The remainder is due 2 days before the wedding date.

Q: Can I make changes to my booking ? 

A:  We know things can change or you might not have had all the information with your initial booking.  We only book 1 wedding a day per team for that reason. Due to the volume of weddings this year. You may update your file with final updates at one time two months prior to the wedding date. Updates and changes must adhere to the Contract. * Multiple updates are not accepted, apart from Wedding cancellation or postponement.


Q: When should I book my trial?

A: We recommend a maximum of 6 months and a minimum of  1 month before the wedding day. 

Q: Can I have my trial on a weekend

A:  With the volume of weddings we do on Friday, Saturday and Sunday we reserved those days for wedding bookings only. Occasionally,  in Off Season if a Weekend is open closer to we may offer a trial day. 

Q: Do I have to have a trial?

A: It is entirely up to you. 

Q: Can I have a trial before I book

A:  You could have a hair and makeup trial appointment before booking, it would be booked as a single service.    Unfortunately, your wedding date can not be held without a deposit to be fair to all Brides and could be booked in the meantime given the high volume of inquiries daily.



Q: What do I pay to reserve my Wedding Day?

A: Due upon booking is the Booking Fee of $50 and the Deposit,  which is the cost of the bride's services only on the day of the wedding. The remaining is due on the day of the wedding. All payments are outlined on the Contract and Invoice for your review.

Q:  How many team members do you send on the day of the wedding?  

A:  The average size party one team does is between 6 and 8 people. We send one team member for hair and one team member for makeup. 

Q: When do I pay the wedding day balance? 

A:  The remaining balance for your Wedding Party is payable by e-transfer a minimum of 3 days before the wedding day in one payment or you can pay cash the day of the wedding. 

Q: Do you go over timing for the wedding day ?

A: Yes, I wedding day timing prep sheet will be set to you to help ensure a smooth running wedding morning


Q: Why is airbrushing makeup better?

A:  Airbrush Makeup has been used by celebrities for years to create a flawless finish. Airbrushing photographs beautifully as it is tiny pixels going on the skin, unlike traditional foundations that are one block of colour. Airbrushing is very versatile, you can achieve sheer to full coverage while still looking natural as it mimics the skin's natural texture. Because the Airbrushing we use is silicon based it is water resistant for those wedding day tears of happiness :). 

Q: What makeup brands do you use?

A: We use Temptu Pro for the Airbrushing, Pinnacle, Modern Basic,  MA.C, Urban Decay, Smash Box, Benefit and a few other tried and tested and true favourites from various companies.  All makeup is Hypo-Allergenic and works well with all skin types :) 

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